Veterinary Services in Victoria

At Lone Star Animal Hospital, Dr. Lee Zeplin, Dr. Amber Matula, Dr. Haley Daniel, and the rest of our pet care team are here to provide you and your pets with state-of-the-art veterinary care in an immaculate, welcoming environment. We are committed to providing exceptional compassionate care for our patients at a reasonable to their owners. Our services include routine checkups, surgery, dentistry, radiology and ultrasound, microchipping, nutritional counselling, behavioral consults, in house blood analysis, bath services and boarding for your pets. Utilizing the best that quality veterinary care can provide, our goal is to maximize the years and quality of life of your 4-legged family members.

Small Animal Services for Healthy Pets

Our wellness services for dogs, cats and other small animals include physical examinations, which pets should have at least once a year. These exams allow us to keep an eye on your pets’ health and detect any problems that are developing. The earlier we catch potential health issues and begin treating them, the better the outlook is for your pets’ health. We also administer vaccinations, which are a crucial part of protecting your pets from dangerous infectious diseases, such as rabies. We can keep your pets updated on their vaccinations at each annual exam, or you can bring them in for a separate appointment if needed. Our services also include an online pharmacy to make it easier for you to purchase medications or medicated products for your pets, guidance on your pets’ dietary needs and microchipping to help you find your pets faster if they are ever lost.

We also offer services that are designed to diagnose and treat health issues in small animals. These include radiology performed with modern digital X-ray machines, in-house diagnostic lab work and surgery done in state-of-the-art surgical suites. Our veterinary team also provides dentistry services, including checkups and cleanings, to help your pets maintain healthy teeth and gums. Our other services for small animals include bathing and boarding.

Contact Our Animal Doctor for Quality Veterinary Care

When it is time for your pet’s next checkup or if your pet is injured or ill, please contact our Victoria office to make an appointment with our animal doctor at 361-570-7297. Our courteous and dependable veterinary team will ensure that your pet is well cared for throughout your visit.