Nov 10 2016

Pet Vaccinations From Your Veterinarian in Victoria, TX

Our veterinarian in Victoria, TX can help you develop a schedule for pet vaccinations that will help keep your dog or cat healthy. Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, he or she may need both core and non-core vaccines.


Vaccinations for Dogs With Your Victoria, TX Veterinarian

Core dog vaccines include rabies, parvo, hepatitis and distemper. These can be given in two injections. One injection is for rabies. The other vaccination is often referred to as the distemper shot. It includes distemper, parvo and parainfluenza. Non-core vaccines are administered to dogs who are considered high-risk and include kennel cough, Lyme disease, Leptospirosis and canine influenza.

Your pet’s vaccination schedule will depend on his or her age. If your dog is less than four months old, he or she will need initial shots and between two and three booster shots that are spaced two and four weeks apart.

If your pet is older than 16 weeks, he or she will receive the initial pet vaccinations and one to two booster shots. The exceptions are rabies and parainfluenza, which only need one dose.

Vaccines for Cats

Your cat will need rabies, calicivirus, feline distemper and herpes vaccines. If you have an outdoor cat or your cat lives in a multi-cat household, he or she may also need kennel cough and FeLV vaccines.

The timing of your pet’s vaccines will depend on his or her age. Cats under the age of 16 weeks will need initial doses plus one to three booster shots and then annual shots every year. Cats older than four months will need their initial vaccinations plus one booster shot.

Your Pet’s Vaccination Appointment at our Victoria Animal Hospital

Your pet’s vaccination appointment involves discussing your pet’s vaccination needs and giving your consent for the inoculations. The vaccination process does not take very long, and your pet can continue his or her day as normal after your visit. Check out our FAQ about pet vaccinations to learn more! To schedule a pet vaccination appointment at our animal hospital in Victoria TX, call us today! Are your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date?

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