Nov 10 2016

Keep Your Pets Safe and Healthy During the Holidays With Help From Your Veterinarian in Victoria, TX

The holidays can be a time of great joy, but for pets, holidays can also be a time of household hazards. As your pet’s veterinarian in Victoria TX, we encourage you to do everything we can to keep your pet healthy and out of trouble this holiday season.

  1. Keep decorations out of your pet’s reach. Some animals will try to eat decorations, if they’re given the chance. Keep holiday decorations, especially shiny or chewy decorations, away from your pet. Put your Christmas tree up off the floor and keep your Hannukah decorations on a high shelf that your pet can’t reach.
  2. Never feed your pet food from the table. Your pet may enjoy eating your Thanksgiving feast, but foods like onions can be toxic, and turkey meat can have bones. In fact, there are many holiday foods that can be dangerous for pets, and feeding your pet from the table can set a bad precedent that leads to trouble. To avoid problems, feed your pet food that is formulated for animals, and only give your pet food in his or her dish.
  3. Keep chocolate and other holiday candy away from your pet. Chocolate is famously dangerous for cats and dogs. Keep all holiday candy up and away from your pet to keep him or her safe.
  4. Instruct holiday guests to watch out for your pet’s needs. Visiting family members may not realize that chocolate is dangerous for animals, or they may break the rule about feeding your pet from the table simply to be nice to your pet. Tell your guests about any pet safety rules in your house, and tell them why these rules are in place.

Contact Your Victoria, TX Veterinarian

In case your pet ingests something dangerous this holiday season, keep our phone number on hand. We perform pet surgery, treat poisoned pets and do everything we can to keep pets safe in Victoria TX. Call our animal hospital today to learn more.

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