Jul 29 2016

Tips for Traveling With Your Pet From Your Veterinarian in Victoria, TX

It’s vacation time, the plans are made, suitcases packed, but what about your pet? If you decide to take your pet along, your veterinarian in Victoria can help you plan, but if boarding is your plan, maybe we can also help with superlative care at our Victoria pet boarding facility. Whatever you decide, our veterinary team wants you and your pet to have a happy, stress-free trip!


Our first recommendation is to schedule an appointment with one of our Victoria veterinarians for a checkup. We will make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date, be sure your pet is healthy enough for travel and you can obtain a health certificate to carry with you when you travel.

Here are some things to consider if you plan to travel with your pet:

  • Air Travel – Air travel isn’t easy on pets. The best bet is for smaller pets you can carry on board. Larger pets can only travel in the cargo hold, which we don’t recommend because of potential risks. Contact the airline early for the rules and regulations of bringing your pet along.
  • Driving with Pets – To travel safely with pets by car, the safest option is a tightly-secured crate. Cats should always be contained in a crate, but if you don’t use one for your dog, use a special restraint or harness for everyone’s protection. Prior to the trip, take short drives with your pet, gradually lengthening the amount of time spent in the car to get your pet used to being in the car.  Be sure to stop for plenty of potty-breaks!
  • Pet Friendly Hotels -Whether flying or driving, you’ll probably need to find pet friendly hotels. Thanks to the Internet, these are easy to find, but ask about rules and extra charges before making a reservation.

Planning for the Trip with your Victoria Veterinarian

When planning for your vacation, our veterinarian suggests:

  1. Making a packing list of what you’ll need for your pet (food, bowls, meds, etc.)
  2. Be sure your pet has a nametag if they do not already, especially if they are not microchipped.
  3. Carrying any vaccination records with you.
  4. Pack a favorite toy or blanket to help comfort your pet.

Pet Boarding in Victoria, TX

If you opt for pet boarding, you can check out our boarding facility in Victoria, TX. Our professional and highly-trained staff is totally committed to making sure your pet has a happy and healthy stay.

Traveling with pets can be fun, but sometimes it’s just not the best option. If you decide to leave your pet at home, the finest pet boarding facility in Victoria TX is right here at Lone Star Animal Hospital. Contact us today to make your pet’s reservation or to talk to one of our veterinarians about prepping for your next trip with your pet!

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