Jul 06 2016

Have You Microchipped Your Pet?

At Lone Star Animal Hospital, our veterinarians in Victoria offers pet microchipping. Please, take a few minutes today to learn about the benefits of pet microchipping.

What are the Benefits of a Dog Microchip? 

We recommend you microchip your dog (or cat) as a precaution in case your pet becomes lost. The vast majority of lost pets are never reunited with their owner. To protect your pet, and increase the likelihood of a happy reunion, please microchip.

Microchips outlast any pet collar or identification tag. They are the safest way to protect your pet from becoming lost or stolen. Better still, they are extremely affordable.

If you worry about a pet becoming lost, microchips can benefit you too by relieving the stress associated with pet parenting.

Microchips do not expose your privacy or track your pet. The chip only contains an identification number. It must be scanned to show your information. So, please do not worry that a microchip will track your pet or provide a thief with sensitive personal information.

Why We Recommend Pet Microchip Services

We recommend using a microchip along with an identification tag on your pet’s collar. This way, anyone who finds your pet can call you. The microchip is there as a backup in case your pet loses or slips his or her collar.

Microchipping is very painless for your pet. We can perform the surgery under anesthesia while we are performing a spay or neuter, or use a syringe to inject the tiny chip.

After microchipping your pet, we take the first step to enter your personal information in a microchip database, and then you keep the information updated in case you move. Only when the information is up to date can you and your pet be reunited.  Aside from updating your personal information if you move, there is no maintenance associated with getting your pet microchipped.

Schedule Your Pets Microchipping Appointment Today

After reading this, would you like to have your pet microchipped? If so, please give us a call or use the online appointment request form to schedule your appointment.

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