Jun 01 2016

Summer Pet Boarding in Victoria, TX

Summer is here, and for many families that means vacation time. Unfortunately, many vacation destinations aren’t as pet-friendly as we would like. Instead of relying on a friend or family member to care for your pet while you’re away, why not allow your cat or dog to stay with us at Lone Star Animal Hospital? Our veterinarians in Victoria, TX recommend boarding your pet with a professional staff, where they’ll be happy and cared-for until you come back home.


Pet Boarding with Our Veterinarian  

Our pet boarding facilities combine the expertise of an animal hospital with the homey touch of a large staff of pet lovers. You’ll feel secure leaving your cat or dog with our veterinarian, knowing that it will enjoy the many amenities we offer:

  • A veterinarian available at all times in case of emergency
  • Our pet guests are let out to play 3 times a day during the week, and twice a day on weekends
  • Every day the facility is scrubbed and cleaned, and all pets get fresh bedding
  • The spaces are large, so your pet won’t feel hemmed-in  or anxious
  • We offer a special cat room where cats can roam and play together

Our boarding facilities are closed on Sundays for pickups and drop-offs, so make your plans accordingly.

Before bringing your pet in for cat boarding or dog boarding, make sure that it is up-to-date with all of its vaccinations. Our regular patients will have their records here in our office, but if you don’t normally bring your pet to our veterinarian, bring a copy of its vaccination record. If your pet is on a special diet, or if it only eats one specific type of food, please bring an adequate supply when dropping off your pet. We’ll be happy to care for any special dietary needs. You may bring one or two special toys or blankets if it will make your pet feel more comfortable.

Contact Lone Star Animal Hospital Today!

For more information on pet boarding, or to make an appointment for your furry friend to stay with us, call Lone Star Animal Hospital today at 361-570-7297.

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