Apr 06 2016

Spring Safety Tips for Your Pet in Victoria, TX

Spring is a time of great joy for many people and their pets, but it can also be a time of danger. At Lone Star Animal Hospital, we treat pets for seasonal injuries every spring. Knowing some of the hazards that can affect your pet in the spring can help you take care of your pet and avoid tragedy.


Spring Season Safety Hazards

  1. Easter treats. Easter may be over, but if you have a house of children, there may still be chocolate bunnies and other chocolate candies lying around loose in your home. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats, and can even be fatal if eaten in great enough quantities. Monitor the Easter candies in your house, and if they’re old enough to understand, talk to your kids about taking responsibility for their treats.
  2. Keep your pet secured safely in vehicles. Many pets enjoy riding in cars with their head out the window and face in the wind, but this can be dangerous for you as well as your animal companion. When riding in a car with your pet, keep him or her safely secured in a crate.
  3. Keep fertilizer, pesticides and other yard chemicals out of reach. Yard chemicals are toxic to animals. If you find yourself stocking up on products that will help fertilize plants and eliminate pests on your property, keep them out of reach of your pet. If your pet spends a lot of time in your garage or in your shed, keep these products on a high up shelf or in a locked cabinet.

Contact Our Victoria Veterinarians for More Pet Tips!

For more pet safety tips from our veterinarians in Victoria, make an appointment with Lone Star Animal Hospital. As your trusted veterinarians, we’re happy to help you keep your pet safe and healthy this spring. Give us a call today at 361-570-7297.

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