Jan 07 2016

Understanding When to Schedule a Veterinary Appointment

Establishing a close working relationship with your veterinarian gives your pet the best chance at a happy, healthy life. Upon bringing your pet home for the first time, schedule an appointment with our Victoria, TX veterinarians. We would also like to remind all of our pet owners of the importance of regularly seeing our vets.

Wellness Exams

At the first appointment, your pet will receive a full wellness examination. Throughout the exam, our Victoria veterinarians will check for signs and symptoms related to common health conditions and injuries.


At wellness exams, pets will receive vaccinations on a suggested schedule to avoid serious viruses and bacterial infections. Typically after several full set of vaccinations in the first year, boosters are required intermittently throughout your pet’s lifetime.

Spay and Neuter Surgery

Typically pets as young as five months of age are eligible for a spay or neuter surgery.  This surgical procedure helps to eliminate complications associated with animals in heat, behavioral problems, reproductive health issues, and overpopulation.

Illness Diagnostics

If your pet suddenly falls ill, our vets can perform a variety of diagnostic tests to determine the extent of the illness. With positive diagnostic tests, we can establish a suitable treatment plan that will work for the pet’s condition.

Injury Treatment

If your pet is limping or exhibiting other signs of an injury, you should need to schedule an appointment to have the area examined. We may need to perform x-rays and other diagnostic imaging tests to identify the injury and create a treatment plan.

Creating a Suitable Veterinarian Appointment Schedule

Anytime you feel that your pet is in need of a visit to the vet, make an appointment with us here at Lone Star Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians proudly serve the areas of Victoria, Yoaku, Cuero, Goliad, Edna, Port Lavaca, and the surrounding Golden Crescent area. Contact us to schedule or to learn more about your pet’s veterinary appointment schedule today!

What is your pet’s current veterinary appointment schedule?

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