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Comprehensive Health Care at Lone Star Animal Hospital

Having the right facility that will meet all your needs and provide comprehensive care for your animals makes a huge difference in granting you peace of mind. Knowing your pet is in the care of a veterinarian or animal doctor that is licensed and able to treat your pet with the latest technology and trends is key.

Pet, Dog, Victoria VeterinarianAt Lone Star Animal Hospital, we consider your pet as one of ours. We implement the highest standards of animal care and make every moment count. Our staff offers compassion, understanding and education for owners to make sure they are fully aware of the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommended for your pet.

What happens at the animal doctor?

An animal doctor or veterinarian is a physician strictly for the care of animals. Every veterinarian at our facility undergoes extensive education and training to handle emergency cases, any pending medical issues, dental care, and when needed, surgery. Our staff works collaboratively with each owner to build trust and a level of comfort where you can rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands. We offer a kid-friendly, comforting environment where everyone can relax while waiting for the veterinarian or one of our experienced staff members. During surgery, we provide top-notch service to waiting family members.

Comprehensive Pet Care in Victoria

Lone Star Animal Hospital is a premier facility in Victoria, TX demonstrating the latest advancements in technology and animal care.  We also offer pet boarding, cat boarding, and dog boarding. Dr. Lee Zeplin and Dr. Shana Bohac believe in providing the best animal care solutions to prevent medical issues and alleviate those that may already exist. Their extensive experience in pet wellness and treating serious conditions is well-known throughout Victoria. There’s a reason why our clients value our service!

Lone Star Animal Hospital offers a number of resources to assist our owners in the prevention and care of their pets. We understand the complexity of certain situations, and knowing firsthand what your pet may be experiencing will help in getting them the medical attention they need before things get too serious. We help owners in formulating nutrition plans that will keep your pets healthy and active, while providing regular scheduled checkups for maintenance and prevention. The health of your pet is our concern, and we are committed to working with you to preserve their health.

We service pet owners in Victoria and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions about the care of your animal, or are concerned about something going on with their health, feel free to call or set up an appointment as soon as possible. We employ a quick response rate for getting back to our clients, as each call is important to us. Directions to our facility can be located on our Contact page in the event your pet needs immediate medical attention.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Pet Today!

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We look forward to providing the best care for you and your animal. Thank you for visiting Lone Star Animal Hospital!

At Lone Star Animal Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Lee Zeplin
Victoria Veterinarian | Lone Star Animal Hospital | 361-570-7297

13788 US Highway 77 N
Victoria, TX 77904

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